Top 25 Online Associate Degree Programs

If you are interested in finding or changing your career path, then this is a great place to start. These are 25 great Associate Degree programs that will get you started on the right path. Upon graduation with one of these degrees you can continue your education towards a Bachelors’ or move directly into the work environment. So take a look through this list, I’m sure you will find something that peaks your interest.

  The Arts

Hodges University
Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Average Income: $17,000 – $120,000

    If you need a degree to advance your career but haven’t discovered a degree program that suits your needs, an Interdisciplinary Studies program can be a starting point.
    The overall goal of an Associate of Science degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies would be to prepare students for work in a number of fields utilizing courses which concentrate on communication skills, critical thinking as well as technical competencies generally required in the modern workplace.

    Jobs: law, education, human resources, medicine, social services, gerontology, sales, marketing technology, retail and management

International Academy of Design and Technology
Associate of Science in Graphic Design

Average Income: $31,000 – $ 46,000

    If you love to create images that are meant to transmit an important idea might want to get into the graphic design field. Graphic designers create visual solutions to communication problems. They use various electronic, film, as well as print media. These people take into account cultural and social factors and then create the most appropriate visual design to match the project. Some will work with newspapers and magazines while others design logos or promotional brochures. Many get into creating graphics for Internet Websites, computer interfaces, as well as multimedia projects. Some people even have a place in the film industry, creating animation or the credits which appear before as well as after television programs and movies.

    Jobs: Jr. Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Electronic Publishers and many other in-demand positions in the creative workforce

Liberty University
Associate of Arts in General Studies

Average Income: $27,000 – $40,000

    Those who graduate with a degree in General Studies can pursue careers in numerous different fields or perhaps use their degrees to continue education in graduate schools. Taking the general studies degree program online allows students to take classes in accordance with their schedules.

    An online degree in general studies will offer unique possibilities for students who wish to develop multi-disciplines. Additionally, it may give you a properly targeted training program that may satisfy conventional post-secondary requirements while meeting certain objectives for other college degrees. General studies degrees generally include a required number of credit hours, complemented with a full range of electives in courses you like.

    Jobs: Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Bank Teller

McKinley College
Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising

Average Income: $35,000 – $65,000

    Those who graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising are prepared for a career in clothing design or retail. Through this foundation you will find the opportunity to acquire management positions in marketing divisions of retail stores.

    An AAS degree in Fashion Marketing will prepare you to work for both large fashion retail chains as well as small boutiques. You will develop knowledge that will assist in dealing with the financial demands of the fashion and retail industry. You will also learn to use your imagination to motivate shoppers to buy products.

    Jobs: Visual Merchandiser, Merchandise Buyer Assistant, Senior Merchandise Buyer Assistant

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Associate of Science – Kitchen & Bath Design

Average Income: $35,000 – $55,000

    You’ve always had the skills to understand residential interiors. You recognize the significance of style and design along with the functionality as well as practicality of a livable space. You effortlessly visualize how one space might have numerous uses…how a kitchen may be used as both a cooking area as well as gathering place, and the way a bath becomes a dressing area—or even a lavish escape.

    Kitchens and baths are often the most utilized areas inside any home, and therefore are potentially the most multi-dimensional. Experts within this industry can convert an average home kitchen into a culinary space worthy of an expert that is stylish as well as enticing to be the focal point of any social occasion. Kitchen and Bath Designers can make a bath area which is equally a functional space together with a relaxing, spa-worthy atmosphere.

    Jobs: Kitchen/Bath Designer, Kitchen Planner, Assistant Project Manager/Installation Coordinator, Draftsperson, Kitchen and Bath Retail Sales Consultant


American Intercontinental University Online
Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) – Information Systems

Average Income: $45,000 – $60,000

    Information systems is among the fastest growing fields in today’s economy and therefore is a superb choice for any individual that has an interest in the world of technology, and which want to earn their degree. Because of this the American InterContinental University has established their online Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) – Information Systems degree program

    This degree program is completed online and has been specifically developed to guide students while they develop their knowledge of to the global business environment, while at the same time supplying them with a foundational understanding of the logic and structure of information systems.

    Jobs: Bbusiness Analyst, Applications Programmer, Technical Trainer

Everest University Online
Associates in Accounting

Average Income: $35,000 – $55,000

    With an Associate in Science Degree in Accounting you will be introduced to the accounting discipline. This program will prepare you to handle the financial well being of a company or individual in the preparation, examination and verification of fiscal data.

    Having an associate in accounting will be a valuable tool to help you in starting your accounting career. Professionals with this particular degree have the ability to start off in an entry level position inside an accounting firm, or perhaps a slightly higher position in a smaller company

    This online accounting program covers an array of topics directed at supplying the student with well-rounded understanding associated with every aspect related to accounting. Topics including business economics, auditing, ERP systems, general ledgers, as well as database and financial analysis packages, along with intellectual, interpersonal, and communication skills, are required for successfully implementing theoretical business techniques and methods in the field of accounting.

    Jobs: Accounting Assistant, Bookkeeper and Management Trainee

Saint Leo University
Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Average Income: $25,000 – $35,000

    For those that are considering advancing your career, take into account how the online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration can help prepare you to go after the career and income opportunities you desire. This program’s curriculum brings together accounting and microcomputer skills together with managerial techniques. This program was created to help you develop teamwork and leadership skills, along with the power to motivate people and communicate efficiently. The program’s focus on decision-making along with problem-solving skills can help prepare you to pursue a satisfying career in business administration

    Jobs: Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Project Coordinator, Store Manager

Sullivan University
Associate of Science in Business Management

Average Income: $50,000 – $80,000

    Through an Associate’s degree in Business Management you will learn the essential leadership skills to manage other people. You will discover how you can be the go-to person in a business environment and the best way to communicate with techniques which will motivate as well as inspire your subordinates.

    By having an Associate’s degree in Business Management, you can be in a position to supervise other people, determine the day-to-day priorities for the office, delegate tasks as well as organize teams to fulfill the objectives of your company. You can expect to report to upper management and still have room for career advancement into top management within a sensible timeframe.

    Jobs: Retail Store Manager, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Office Administrator

Virginia College-Birmingham
Associate of Science – Administrative Office Management

Average Income: $20,000 – $35,000

    If have an interest in advancing your career, consider the way an online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration can prepare you to pursue the career and income opportunities you would like. Administrative Office Management skills put you in high demand with companies. Today’s companies require highly competent men and women that can organize, manage, as well as distribute information within the fast-paced business world. Virginia College can help you acquire the unique abilities and help prepare you for the challenges you will face by offering hands-on training.

    Jobs: Office Manager, Executive Secretary, Customer Service Manager


DeVry University
Associate in Electronics and Computer Technology

Average Income: $50,000 – $65,000

    With an associate’s degree in electronics and computer technology you can find yourself in a career as a computer repairer, electronics repairer, computer support technician, or similar title. Classes may include Intro to Electronics, Computer Hardware Repair, Digital Circuits, Computer Component Installation, Personal Communication, and more.

    Through this associate’s degree program, you are going to obtain a strong understanding of electronics with a specialization in electronics as it pertains to computers and computer systems. You will learn about digital circuits, transistors, along with other computer components and ways in which they are integrated into personal, commercial, as well as other computers. You will gain valuable hands-on experience while you build, install, and repair computer electronics and hardware.

    Jobs: Electronic Technician, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, Field Service Manager, Technical Support Specialist.

ECPI College of Technology
Associate of Science in Computer & Information Science – Network Security

Average Income: $45,000 – $100,000

    An associate’s degree in Network System Security will prepare students for entry-level opportunities in the field of network security support. If you have an interest in keeping networks safe and free from hackers, this profession may be for you.

    Associate degrees in Network System Security can help you get positions in both network database security as well as e-commerce security. In this lab-based, hands-on program, you will learn how to approach security issues by using the latest developments in technology.

    Jobs: Security Consultant, Data Security Analyst, Computer Security Specialist, Security Director, Security Architect

International Academy of Design and Technology
Associate of Science in Web Design

Average Income: $25,000 – $40,000

    An associate degree in Web Design will teach you how to build interesting Websites which are very simple for the Website user to navigate and utilize.

    With this degree you will get the skills required to design compelling and user-friendly Websites. You will learn about HTML, graphic design and image maps as well as learn how to make multimedia experiences by adding animation, sound and video.

    Through studying the basics of computing, digital video and audio, as well as graphics layout, you will have the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in web design principles and techniques. You can also absorb the latest knowledge surrounding the software, concepts and tools associated with website design, networking, and digital design along with web scripting.

    Jobs: Web Page Designer, Content Developer, Flash Designer

Lincoln College Online
Associate of Science – Network Communications & Information Systems (NCIS) with Microsoft Systems

Average Income: $40,000 – $70,000

    Today’s computer driven business environment is more complex than ever and demands highly trained computer technicians who are able to help resolve problems and answer questions. Consider how often people have to call someone from the IT Help Desk and you will recognize how essential this career is. Through Lincoln’s Network Communications and Information Systems (NCIS) program with Specialized Support, you are going to be exposed to the core principles of networking concepts such as; troubleshooting operating systems, customizing office applications as well as office security settings. You are going to learn the fundamental function and administration of network systems, reinforced by hands-on experience. From good customer-service techniques, to sophisticated IT technology, you will be prepared to deal with countless help-desk situations…and help yourself to various exciting new career possibilities!

    Jobs: Communication Network Manager, Network Data Communication Analyst, Communication Network Specialist

Rasmussen College-Eden Prairie
Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Management – Database Administration

Average Income: $40,000 – $55,000

    Through an associate’s degree in Information System Management you will learn how to provide technical support for businesses. You can pick from numerous fields, such as Web site application design or database development.

    An AAS degree in Information System Management supplies students the chance to work in computer programming, desktop application, and Web site application design and database development. With this background, you can get into countless industries since most companies need a technical support staff to maintain the information systems.

    Jobs: Software Engineers, Software Programmer, Database Analyst, Database Manager


Colorado Technical University Online
Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding

Average Income: $16,000 – $42,000

    For people interested in the medical field, among the fastest growing fields is the area of Medical Billing and Coding. Everyday more hospitals and clinics move over to Electronic Medical Records and they have a demand for people with highly technical skills that can ensure they are billing and coding correctly. If the hospital or clinic does not bill and code correctly, the insurance company does not pay, therefore it has to be right.

    Those in this field don’t work with patients directly, rather they are in charge of assembling patient data (both before and after treatment), documenting symptoms and medical history, reporting the outcomes of the exams, x-ray reports, lab tests, along with documenting diagnosis and treatment plans. You will be able to find exciting jobs in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Insurance Companies, Medical Group Practices, Doctors’ Offices, Home Health Agencies, Medical Billing Companies, and Clinics.

    Jobs: Medical Billing Coding, Medical Transcription Coding, Medical Coding Specialist

Herzing University
Associate of Science in Medical Assisting (ASMA)

Average Income: $18,000 – $40,000

    If you find that you care about others and you are comfortable with technology, you may find that an associate’s degree in Medical Assisting may be a good degree for you. This degree will help you become a professional medical assistant.

    This program will supplement general education coursework with medical assistance training to help prepare you to find work in medical care facilities like doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics. Medical assistants fill various roles in the medical industry, generally performing both clinical as well as administrative tasks.

    Jobs: Medical Assistant, Medical Records, Medical Secretary

Keiser University
Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration

Average Income: $57,000 – $95,000

    An Associate of Arts degree in Health Administration will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in health and human services. This program provides an excellent foundation in aspects of health and human services organizations, roles of health and human services workers, public policy, information technology, financial management, along with regulatory and ethical issues. You will have the ability to communicate effectively, as directed, for informal, formal, and quantitative tasks all of which will be conversant with the values and terminology of the field. You will have the ability to access information resources, evaluate them for credibility and relevance, as well as use the resources to present an array of alternatives. Having applied academic processes such as feedback from faculty and self-reflection, you will be situated for lifelong learning. This degree will prepare you to transition into the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration program if you choose to.

    Jobs: Medical Services Manager, Administrative Service Manager, Health Educators, Sales Representative

National American University-Rapid City
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Staff Services Management

Average Income: $30,000 – $55,000

    Those who have an AAS degree in Medical Office Management will have a solid foundation in medical office management, business law and medical office procedures.

    This degree is designed to prepare you for management positions in clinics, doctor’s offices as well as related settings. Those who complete this degree program will have knowledge of office management, medical transcription, medical record management, insurance coding and billing and more.

    Jobs: Manager Medical Staff Services, Director Medical Staff Services, Medical Staff Database Specialist

Northwestern College
Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology

Average Income: $30,000 – $45,000

    The health information technology field employs professionals and technicians who are accountable for the organization of a patient’s medical record. Health information technicians begin this assembly process by confirming that a patient’s initial medical charts are complete. All forms have to be completed, identified, and signed. Then, all of this information has to be entered into a computer. Additionally, health information professionals must regularly speak with physicians to ensure accuracy, clarify diagnoses, and acquire any supplementary information required to update a patient’s file.

    Until very recently, all medical records were paper documents. Complex information for millions of patients was managed exclusively with files, folders, and forms. However, a new government initiative aims to apply the same sophisticated technology we use for actual healthcare towards managing and utilizing health information.

    Over the next decade, this initiative intends to transfer the health information technology field to a sophisticated database matrix. This national push for advanced health information technology is combined with an enormous need for qualified healthcare professionals – making this a smart career move indeed.

    Jobs: Health Information Technician, Medical Coder, Healthcare Information Manager

  Social Sciences / Criminal Justice

Baker College of Muskegon
Associate of Applied Science – Emergency Services Management

Average Income: $50,000 – $100,000

    If you are interested in a career in the area of Emergency Services Management, then the AAS – Emergency Services Manage Degree from Baker College may be the right path for you. Through this degree you will work with experts in this field to develop the knowledge and training you will need for problem solving, management and supervision, as well as exploring current issues that are related to Emergency Services.

    Jobs: Director of ER Services, Project Director, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator

LA College International
Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Online

Average Income: $30,000 – $60,000

    If you are ready to enhance your career in law enforcement, then you should consider the new Criminal Justice Program at Virgina College where technology meets law enforcement. Virginia College’s associate degree in Criminal Justice is offered online to match the hectic schedules of today’s students. For anyone with work hours which vary every day, for students with an active family life, or for those who simply wish to complete their course work on their own timetable, online learning is a superb option. This program is right for you should you be currently employed in the field, if you are looking at pursuing a career in criminal justice, or for those who have a strong desire to make your community a safer place in which to live.

    Jobs: Courtroom Administrator, Police Officer, Private Security Officer, Probation or Parole Officer, Industrial Security, Commercial Security, or Homeland Security


Kaplan University
Associate’s in Interdisciplinary Studies/Early Childhood Development

Average Income: $20,000 – $46,000

    For those who have a desire to work with infants, toddlers, pre-school and kindergarten-aged children then an associate’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Early Childhood Development will help you get the jobs you are looking for. Through this program you will learn infant and toddler development, nutrition, and health; and be introduced to topics like childhood education, creative activities, along with curriculum planning. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to work in early childhood programs like child care centers, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs, Head Start, and before or after-school care.

    Jobs: Preschool Teacher, Day Care Provider, Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Curriculum Instructor, Child Librarian

Rasmussen College-St Cloud
Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education – Child with Special Needs

Average Income: $30,000 – $60,000

    The associates in Early Childhood Education with Child with Special Needs Specialization were created to prepare you with the skills to effectively take care of and educate children and families with special needs. Every child enters the early childhood classroom with various needs and abilities. The goal of this program is to help teachers develop inclusive classrooms with both children with special needs along with typically developing children. Children with special needs can have more opportunities for success when supported by an informed early childhood teacher.

    Jobs: Preschool Teacher, Day Care Provider, Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Curriculum Instructor

University of Phoenix-Online Campus
Associate of Arts in Elementary Education

Average Income: $15,000 – $25,000

    If you desire to become an elementary teacher then having an associate of arts in Elementary Education will give you a great head start. Through this degree program you will have a firm foundation of the theories and strategies employed by teachers of young children.

    An Associate of Arts in Elementary Education can be a perfect degree program for you if you love children, and like making a big difference in the lives of others. Most students who complete this degree program plan to complete the certification process through transferring their course credits over to a four-year college in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, or to immediately begin working as a teacher’s assistant.

    Jobs: Education Assistant in Day Care, Elementary Schools and Religious Schools.


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